Ruth O’Connor – Sandyford/Glencullen

Ruth O’Connor is the People Before Profit Local Election candidate for Glencullen and Sandyford. 

She is a Midwife and an Activist who has worked with PBP over the past year on several campaigns including Housing and Climate action.

Ruth has worked through the recession and austerity where she achieved her B.Sc degree in Midwifery but was forced to emigrate to England in 2010 as the governments embargo on hiring HSE staff commenced that year.

She has gone on to work in Australia as a Midwife and has now returned to the Irish Healthcare Service where she faces many challenges on a daily basis while looking after women, babies and families.

Ruth like many, has personally faced the challenges of the housing crisis with trying to afford to rent but ultimately needing to live back at home with her parents.

She is the prime example of the skilled professional worker which is locked out of ever affording her own home because of housing prices, lack of availablty and unaffordable homes.


Ruth was involved in the fight to insure our new National Maternity Hospital at Elm Park (St Vincent’s) is Public, Secular and The Ethos and governance of our Hospitals which receive public funding should provide all Healthcare services as according to the law of the land from contraception (including sterilisation), IVF, gender surgery to abortion services.

As a Midwife, Ruth joined her fellow colleagues and took to the picket lines this year at several hospitals across Dublin for the Nurses and Midwives strike. Fighting for safe staffing levels and pay equality with other allied healthcare professionals, as a way to combat the ongoing retention and recruitment crisis.

Most significantly Ruth was involved in the campaign to Repeal the 8th amendment with DunLaoghaire Together for Yes. Ruth is proud to support and fight for women’s rights to choose and for their bodily autonomy. Ruth is humbled to finally be able to care for these women during the most private and difficult time of their life and doing so in Ireland.